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Year 4 at Stonehenge

Year 4 have recently been on a very chilly trip to Stonehenge. The day was non-stop – we explored the henge itself and enjoyed pointing out the megaliths we recognised, including the heel stone and the trilithons. We saw up close the difference between the blue stones and the sarsen stones and investigated some of their magical powers that Stone Age citizens may have believed in, and we also had a go at pulling a life sized replica of a megalith – even 29 of us at once couldn’t move it! We took part in some excellent workshops: exploring in model form how to raise a megalith and some predicted ways the stones were transported down from the Preseli hills in Wales. Stone Age artefacts were explored, including some real animal skins and some mystery items we hadn’t seen before (did you know cow shoulder blades were used as shovels?) We lit a fire in the Neolithic houses and learnt how to grind wheat into flour, as well as make rope using Stone Aged techniques. Ask us about Stonehenge – we are experts!