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Welcome to our school.


At Colden Common Primary School we are proud of our focus on children as individuals, and work in partnership with parents to ensure that every child receives the emotional, social and educational support that he or she needs in order to feel fulfilled throughout their primary school education. Our vibrant and engaging curriculum means that our children have a love of learning and we have a commitment to learning beyond the classroom, using not only our local community but also our beautiful and extensive school grounds.


The children are supported by a skilled, dedicated and committed team of adults, including the governing body.


Our vision for all in our school community is driven by our Learning Values, and encapsulated in our strap line: United in Lifelong Learning.


 Our Learning Values are:


  • Curiosity
  • Resilience
  • Independence
  • Working Together
  • Challenge


You can find out more about these under the Learning Values tab in About Us.


We offer and seek a wide range of extra-curricular activities that enable children to try out new experiences and make the most of opportunities that they would not ordinarily encounter, as we know that we play a key role in developing the adaptable, confident and successful adults of the future.


If you would like to find out more about our school, then please contact the school office to arrange a visit.



Mrs Carly Redfern