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Learning Values

Round Table of Working Together


I am happy to share and take turns

I listen carefully to others

I accept differences in people and their viewpoints

I am proud of our achievements

I show kindness and empathy towards others

I am able to work with others towards a common goal

I can work things out so we all agree, even though it might not be exactly what I wanted

I am proud of our achievements


Sword of Resilience

If something is not going well, I will try another way

I won’t give up and will evaluate what I have learned

I will stay calm and positive, even when the learning is very difficult

I will admit when I need help

I will be pleased when I try really hard, even if I don't quite succeed

I can get through really challenging situations and learn from them

Gauntlet of Challenge


I have the confidence to try new things, even though I might not succeed

I have a can-do attitude

I choose and enjoy the difficult tasks

I see making mistakes as a chance to learn so that I do better next time

I ask questions of myself and others

Target of Independence

I will only ask for help when I have tried my best

I can think for myself and trust my own ideas

I am self-motivated, self-reliant, self-managing and committed

I can make good choices

I can find a way

Castle of Curiosity

I like to ask questions that will help me to understand things better

I enjoy investigating and exploring

I have a desire to find new things out and love new ideas and learning

I am interested in the world around me