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ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)


The ELSA programme aims to promote emotional wellbeing in children and facilitates the child to use a variety of tailored strategies to help them to solve their problems, rather than having them solved for them.


Emotional Literacy Support involves the identification of specific emotional literacy targets which the pupil works through , guided by the ELSA, using a carefully planned programme of support.


In Colden Common Primary School, there are four main strands of support for the children:


1) The Worry Box, which can be accessed by every child within the school. Any worries are usually responded to within the week by the ELSA. Around 15 children each week who are not on specific ELSA programmes receive support through the Worry Box.

2) Using the Worry Box and monthly 1:1 check in the with ELSA.

3) Regular referral-based small groups such as super powers, which uses mindfulness techniques and coping strategies to address any anxieties. We have 35 children receiving specific programmes of Emotional Literacy Support at any one time.

4) Weekly referral-based 1:1 sessions with the ELSA.


Following ELSA support, the ELSA works closely with the class teacher to ensure that the strategies that the child has learned with the ELSA are followed through in the classroom.


The ELSA has undertaken a rigorous training course and is lead and managed by Hampshire and the Isle of Wight Educational Psychology Dept.