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Meet the Staff Team

Meet the friendly, welcoming staff at our school.

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Mrs F Hardy, Head Teacher, EVC and DSL
Senior Leadership Team 2 Mrs A Greenwood, Deputy Head, SENCo and DSL
Senior Leadership Team 3 Mr J Chalke, KS1 Phase Leader, Gryphon Class
Senior Leadership Team 4 Mrs H Beattie, Year 3/4 Phase Leader, Dragon Class
Senior Leadership Team 5 Mr I Platt, Year 5/6 Phase Leader, Sphinx Class

Admin Team

Admin Team  1 Mrs J Chiari, Senior Admin Officer
Admin Team  2 Mrs L Taylor, Admin Officer
Admin Team  3 Miss H Prince, Finance Officer

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Miss H Pauley, Pixie Class, EYFS Leader
Teaching Staff 2 Mrs K King, Elves Class, EYFS
Teaching Staff 3 Miss G Stewart, Unicorn Class, Year 1
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs C Hicks, Pegasus Class, Year 1
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs D Elvidge, Thunderbird Class, Year 2
Teaching Staff 6 Mrs C Ward, Dragon Class, Year 3
Teaching Staff 7 Miss C Bullough, Firebird Class, Year 4
Teaching Staff 8 Mrs J Helgesen, Firebird Class, Year 4
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs C Owen, Faun Class, Year 4
Teaching Staff 10 Miss I Burrows, Phoenix Class, Year 5
Teaching Staff 11 Miss L Williams, Assistant SENCo, Year 6
Teaching Staff 12 Mr J Cannons, Centaur Class, Year 6
Teaching Staff 13 Mrs J Lewis, PPA Teacher
Teaching Staff 14 Miss E Hawkins (Maternity Leave)

Support Staff

Support Staff 1 Mr J Bird, HLTA
Support Staff 2 Miss V Creagh, HLTA
Support Staff 3 Mrs L Rea, HLTA
Support Staff 4 Mrs S Wilson, HLTA
Support Staff 5 Mrs K Belfield, LSA
Support Staff 6 Mrs S Blackwell, Family Support Worker
Support Staff 7 Ms D Bowen, LSA, ELSA
Support Staff 8 Mrs S Burden, LSA
Support Staff 9 Mrs N Butt, LSA
Support Staff 10 Miss B Hallam, LSA
Support Staff 11 Mrs F Harland, LSA (Maternity Leave)
Support Staff 12 Mrs O Kozevnikova, LSA
Support Staff 13 Mrs G Lott, LSA
Support Staff 14 Miss L Rendall, LSA
Support Staff 15 Mrs S Rowe, LSA
Support Staff 16 Mrs L Small, Lunchtime Supervisor
Support Staff 17 Mrs A Smith, LSA
Support Staff 18 Mrs C Waterman, LSA
Support Staff 19 Mrs K Young, LSA

Site Team

Site Team 1 Mr T Butt, Site Manager
Site Team 2 Ms H Stephens, Cleaner

Subject leaders:

Maths Mr I Platt
English Mrs H Beattie
Science Mrs F Hardy
Art & Design Miss L Williams
Citizenship/PSHE Miss H Pauley
Computing Mr J Chalke
Design & Technology Mrs J Helgesen
Languages (French) Mrs J Lewis
Geography and Outdoor Learning Mr J Cannons
History Miss G Stewart
Music Miss I Burrows
Physical Education Mr I Platt
Religious Education Mrs K King