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JRSO and Road Safety

A JRSO, or 'Junior Road Safety Officer', has a very important role. Their job is to work alongside Miss Locke to promote road safety around school and the community to make sure everyone in the village is safe. They are also responsible for promoting sustainable ways of travel to keep our air clean. 


Our JRSO's organise many road safety events throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled! 


Our JRSO's

JRSO Updates - Spring 2023



We have just elected new Junior Road Safety Officers in Year 5! Those children who wished to run for the role had to write a mission statement and perform it to the whole year group. Their teachers thought long and hard let the class know who they thought would be great for the role. It was a really tough process! Really well done to everyone who took part but especially well done to Logan and Holly who are the new ambassadors for Year 5. 






Our current Year 6 JRSO's have had the opportunity to meet with  the Year 5 JRSO's and tell them all the tricks and tips for keeping the school safe and fun! They even completed online training together with other schools around Hampshire and came up with new initiatives for the school, which we will be doing during the year.


Be Bright be Seen Day 2023

On the 1st December, we had our Be Bright Be Seen day. This is where we come dressed up in brightly coloured clothes to promote being safe on the roads.  We had a fun-filled day. To start, our JRSOs introduced the day with an assembly – followed by a wheelie good joke from Frankie!


We had a class catwalk competition where each class voted for their favourite and brightest outfit. Here are some of the winners from each class.


We had an assembly to go through with our class, where we talked about the importance of road safety.

We also completed some activities. The JRSOs spent a whole lunchtime sorting through the hundreds of pieces of work and selected their favourite. These are on display on our JRSO board.



We ended the day with a school assembly where we showed the winners and shared some of the work we had completed.

Well done everyone for taking part!


Bike Count 

We are quickly approaching the 'Big Pedal' which will take place next half term so the JRSO's will be tallying the number of bikes and scooters you are bringing into school over the next few weeks. To make sure your year group wins, make sure you ride to school with you scooter or bike. We will be having a big event on the 6th of June (to coincide with Year 6 bike ability) to celebrate this.  We will be uploading weekly scores to the website to track our progress.


 KS1 PlaygroundRound playgroundBike Shed


(Big Pedal Week)



Upcoming events:

Y5/ 6 training in class (June)

Y2 streets ahead (July)

Big pedal week event (June)

Be Bright Be Seen Day 2021, which was held on 12th November, was a day where we taught everyone how important it is to dress bright when crossing the road ( especially at night). We held numerous activities including catwalks and art activities. It was so much fun!


 We also ran a competition to see who get dress the brightest.


Everyone’s outfits looked amazing! There was a winner from each class and then we decided an overall school winner (well done to Molly from Year R!)


We held this event so we could raise awareness about dressing brightly especially because it is winter, and it is getting darker outside. 


Beth and Ella 

In June 2021, Years 5 and 6 were able to take part in a virtual road safety workshop with lots of other schools. They learnt even more about how to stay safe on the road, especially when cycling!


Be Bright, Be Seen! 2020 Event

Be Bright, Be Seen day took place on 20th November 2020. The whole school came in wearing bright, reflective clothing - everyone looked fabulous and very safe indeed. We started the day with a virtual assembly hosted by Ella and Beth, our JRSO's, who asked lots of thought provoking questions about our behaviours when out and about in the dark. In bubbles, children also looked at some videos and 'road safety in the dark' information - we are now all experts!  


Every class also had a mini fashion show, with everyone showing off their reflective accessories. Each class voted for a class winner for the safest and most reflective outfit, and they will be put to the whole school for a final 'winners vote' next week so we can crown our king or queen of road safety!


Every class also undertook a 'Be Bright, Be Seen!' activity throughout the day -  check out our display of brilliant work from across the school. We have everything from raps to songs to posters to letters to poems. Well done everyone!


Thank you to all involved in raising awareness about keeping safe in the dark. 

Max's 'Be Bright, Be Seen!' Rap!

Still image for this video

Road Safety Week

We have recently had Road Safety week at Colden Common. Across the school, we have all taken time out of our busy days to discuss being safe on the roads, including how we can look out for each other – both pedestrians and motorists. Key Stage 2 have watched a series of videos and have discussed the importance of the Green Cross Code and the potential dangers roads can have.

Reece and Cerys, our JRSO’s have also been busy in Key Stage 1. They have visited all of our Year 1 and two classes to deliver a presentation on road safety, and hold circle times about how our infants can be safe. The KS1 children have each made a fantastic poster to showcase all their road safety knowledge!

Good job everyone – stay safe!

Winchester CycleFest 2019

A huge thank you and a giant ‘Well done!’ to everyone that joined us in Winchester on Sunday 9th June at the Winchester Criterium and Cyclefest. It was fantastic to see so many CCPS families out in force having a great day in the sun whilst celebrating the joys of cycling! Some even managed to cycle all the way from Colden Common – I am in awe! It was great to be able to spend some time cycling the race route around Winchester City Centre, followed by some fun cycling-based activities and lots of free goodies.


We were also proud to see two of our Year 6 flag designs flying proudly on the main stretch of the race course. Even better – we won! Colden Common came first in the flag competition judged by the mayor of Winchester and a our trophy is displayed proudly in our trophy cabinet. Congratulations Milly on your winning design and Sophie and Laurence for being fantastic runners up. You can currently see the flags on display  in our school office.     

Once again, a huge well done to everyone involved. I am already looking forward to next year!


Park and Stride

I am delighted to announce that we have partnered with the Rising Sun pub on Spring Lane to create our very own ‘Colden Common Primary School Park and Stride!’


Between the hours of 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 – 3:45 p.m. you can park in their car park and stride to school. Our aim is to reduce parking and traffic on the roads immediately surrounding the school to make it a safer environment for everybody. Look out for the posters in the pub car park that were put up by our Year 6 JRSO, and keep your
eyes peeled for coinciding early opening events at the Rising Sun. We are excited to start this partnership and look forward to seeing you stride!


CycleFest Competition

Our JRSO's do a fantastic job of encouraging participation in competitions and national initiatives,  such as our Big Pedal.  In the summer term, they worked with our Year 2 children to create a cycle safety banner, complete with slogan. The banner was entered into the Winchester Criterium and Cyclefest competition and was put on display in Winchester town centre. It works wonders at reminding children about safety when cycling. You can now see it proudly displayed by our bike sheds. Remember, 'cycle safe, cycle super!'. 


Streets Ahead Pedestrian Skills Training

In the summer term, Year 2 participated in their ‘Streets Ahead’ pedestrian skills training. They had fun out on the playground learning about the Green Cross Code and the dangers to look out for when trying to cross the road. They loved taking part in role play activities – they took on the roles of everything from children to adults to cars and there was even a dog!


They didn’t stop there, though! After their playground role play, it was time to put their skills to the test. In small groups, they donned our ‘be bright, be seen!’ high vis jackets and headed out into the village to cross some real roads safely. They have practised at several locations around Colden Common, so be sure to ask them if you need any advice on how to get around the village safely! They also completed activities in their Hampshire Road Safety booklets along the way to each earn their ‘Streets Ahead’ prize.

A big ‘thank you!’ to the staff and parent volunteers that  helped us carry out the activities!


Remember, ‘Be Bright, Be Seen!’

Mr Cannons is in charge of making sure our Travel Plan is kept up to date. 'What is a travel plan?' you might ask...every school should have a travel plan to keep track of everything they are doing to promote safe, sustainable travel at school and within the local area. It identifies targets that we can work on as a school to make sure we are as 'green' as we can be. This not only involves initiatives like the Big Pedal, but also involves educating our children as to the benefits of sustainable travel methods. You may remember receiving surveys about your own travel to and from the school, and each year a 'hands up' survey is done with the children to see the impact our efforts are having on how they travel to school. 


I am very proud to say that in Spring 2020, we achieved the Modeshift Stars Gold Award for all of our efforts! Fantastic work everybody!