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The majority of our learning is shared on Tapestry or Google Classroom. News that applies to the whole school has been moved to the 'Latest News' section of the school website. Use the links below to access them.

Year 5 - Day 4

Year 5 - Mon

Are the blogs safe? Who can read them?

The blogs can be read by anyone as they are publically available on the internet. Anyone can leave a comment on any of the blog posts, however before the comment goes live and is seen by anyone, it will be checked by the class teacher. 

Who can write a blog post?

Generally the blog posts will be written in class by the teacher or by the children. If you wish to submit a post for your blog, speak to your class teacher with the content, your name and your class and we will see if we can add it to the blog. All blog entries, regardless of who has created them, will be moderated before they appear online.

Why have you got pictures of children on your blogs?
We take e-safety very seriously and will only include pictures and videos of children where we have parental permission first. If you would like us to remove a certain picture or post, speak to your child's teacher or email Mr Chalke. We feel that including pictures and videos of children is what makes our blog so popular. Parents and visitors love seeing the children hard at work (and play) and we feel that pictures are integral to our blogs.