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Year 6 Residential - Tuesday

Day 2 was off to a fantastic start! After a hefty breakfast (whereby the revolutionary recipe of hot chocolate on cereal was born....we don't recommend it) it was time to set off for our first adventure of the day. It was a little drizzly, but that didn't dampen our spirits! Groups 3 + 4 headed off on the chain ferry to Sandbanks for a day of paddle boarding. Groups 1 + 2 headed off to Dancing Ledge for a spot of cliff climbing! The first challenge was getting to the ledge....a rather long, steep walk, but stunning views. We couldn't keep anybody away from the rocks...up and down, over and over again....the term 'rock ninjas' was born! There was a lot of confidence and resilience needed and it was amazing to see everyone pushing themselves more and more with each climb. The hike back to the minibus was a challenging one.. but our spirits were kept high with even more Lion King singing!! We are now well fed, and relaxing with some pool before setting off for an afternoon of Pioneering and an evening of crabbing!