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Year 6 Residential - Monday

Our Swanage adventures are off to an exciting start! Perhaps the highlight of the week...leavers jumpers were dished out before boarding the coach to take us on our way. There was A LOT of beautiful singing...but don't worry....the journey was only an hour and a half in a confined space.... 

There was time for a spot of lunch before going to our rooms....not for long though as we were straight into our first activity! By 1pm we were squeezing in to wet suits ready for either raft building or kayaking. Getting into wetsuits was more of a challenge than it may seem....lots of cooperation and resilience required from both children and adults!  We were soon on the beach and were let loose in the sea. It did not take long to become masters of the ocean...or at least, splashing...  

We were soon in the water...groups 3 and 4 in kayaks and 1 and 2 were put to work building rafts. To say it was slightly competitive would be a slight understatement.... One raft needed major repairs after a short time on the water! Soaked was the adjective of the day! 
We are now all showered, rooms have been inspected and pool tournaments are underway as we wait for our buffet dinner!  It already feels like home...Colden Common who??