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Year 6 Residential - Friday

It's the last day! It was certainly a struggle to get up this morning, everyone was exhausted after such an active week. We all felt a little bit sad that our long awaited Swanage week was drawing to a close, so packing and vacating our rooms was a sad moment. Apologies to parents as the neatly packed suitcases that arrived in Swanage almost certainly came home looking like they'd been dipped in the sea and then attacked by a food mixer. Still, independence skills being developed! 


After our last all you can eat breakfast (no, we still hadn't learnt about portion control) it was time for our final activity. After wet suiting up for the final time (hooray for not having to do that again anytime soon...) we headed down to Swanage beach en masse. Today, it was time for Groups 3 + 4 to raft build, and groups 1 + 2 to kayak. There was a lot of capsizing from both groups! The morning finished with a chance to spend a bit of time playing games in the sea. It was also a perfect last opportunity for a Mr Cannons Vs Year 6 splash-athon. Spoiler: Year 6 won! 


Unfortunately, our time in Swanage had to draw to a close, and a thunderous applause on the beach closed this chapter with suitable fanfare. We trudged back to Harrow House to change...there was a buzz of excitement about seeing parents again, but it was of course tinged with sadness at the fact that our long awaited trip was over. 


Nobody expected the children to remain awake, lively and loud for the duration of the coach ride home, but children do like to suprise us! As the coach pulled up at school, there was another thunderous applause from the children to mark the end of a brilliant week.  


We are all very proud of the children this week. They have all pushed their own boundaries and set themselves challenges. Everybody has worked fantastically together and helped each other out with a massive variety of things and it has been absolutely wonderful to watch the children grow and have fun as they do it. It has been a fantastic way to begin the final few weeks at primary school and it has just shown what wonderful children we have and we are privileged to have spent the week, and year, with them. Well done everyone!