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Year 5/6 Man the Home Front!

Today Year 5/6 have kicked off their topic on World War 2 with some investigation of the Home Front. 


We started the day with some investigations into video clips - what could they tell us about the events of the war?  Mr Amey, who was 11 when World War 2 began, visited each class and gave a fascinating speech on his memories of the war, and shared some fantastic genuine artifacts, including ration books and letters from his father who was away fighting.


Other activities of the day included exploration of a whole host of war artifacts (the Bakelight bed warmer was most puzzling!) and looking at a range of wartime songs and the meanings behind them. 


We then set up a camp fire at the fire pit, and sang some of the war time songs, and also told stories of evacuees. We also read the diary of an American nurse who was living in London during the Blitz.  We are now buzzing with information and are excited to explore the topic further!