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Year 5/6 become Evacuees!

Today, Year 5/6 travelled back in time to September 1939, the week the first evacuees were sent from London to the countryside to escape the Blitz. 


Click here to see a video of the day. 


We had a very hands on day and were able to experience life as a WW2 evacuee. We started by having to make name and address labels; but not for luggage, for us! We also had to fill out our National Identity Cards to avoid imprisonment - did you know it was required by law to carry your national identity card with you at all times?  


We also learnt what it was like to collect food with a ration card - you don't get much at all! The shortage of sugar was definitely not popular among us. We were able to get carrots, bread, spam, one sweet and some powdered milk with our weekly ration card. Some of us were left very hungry...


Unfortunately, we then needed to learn how to construct makeshift Morrison Shelters. We did it just in time because we had an air raid! Those sirens are certainly loud! Luckily, we all survived, but it was time to be evacuated.  


When we had evacuated the school and had arrived at our destination, we were all made to line up ready to be chosen by foster families. It was a very nerve-wracking experience; strength and agility seemed to be the most desired characteristics. We were also able to write a post card to send home - it was important we made sure our parents didn't worry about us, so we made sure to tell them how much fun we were having. Sadly, we several evacuees were temporarily put in prison by the government, as they failed to produce their identify cards when asked! 


The afternoon was spent learning some popular 1940's dance sequences. Check out the video here! By the end of the afternoon we were all exhausted but had had great fun - dancing works wonders at raising morale in such tough times.