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Year 2 - Science Centre, Winchester

Today, Year 2 went on an amazing trip to the Science Centre, Winchester, as part of our topic on space.

We started the day finding out about rockets and the principles of actions and opposite reactions (flames going one direction results in the rocket going in the opposite direction). We made our own rockets (free-style) and then tested them, launching across the room. We then had a discussion about the shape of rockets and then re-designed them, to see the difference it made.

Next, we explored some of the exhibits before going into the planetarium. We were amazed at the size of the room and the images that we saw. We found out about stars, constellations and the moon.

Finally, we explored some of the space-themed exhibits and got to put our arms and face inside of a spacesuit!

We had an excellent day, full of great learning.

Thank you to all of the parents that helped us out.