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Year 2 Isle of Wight

Day 1: 10:08

We are on the ferry; an uneventful journey so far. The children are quite excited. Star of the day so far - Max. He has managed to not eat any of the snacks for the next few days, despite sitting right next to them.


Day 1: 16:01

Wow! I think we need a rest! We've been to the needles and seen first hand the process of erosion, including an excellent demonstration of the power of the sea by none other than our very own Freddie J.


We have just been fossil hunting on the beach hut and have found lots of fools gold, fossilised wood and even some dinosaur bones (great spotting, Ella).


We will soon leaving the fossils behind to check out our accommodation for the night. It'll only be a quick stop, however, as we are then off to Shanklin Chine. I think we are going to have some tired children tomorrow.


Day 1 - 19:20

We have all had a lovely dinner of pasta, pesto, pizza and peas. Pudding was jelly. We are now off to Shanklin Chine.


Day 1 - 22:20

Bedtime stories complete! Shanklin Chine was amazing. An adventure packed day full of fun.

Check back later for more updates.


Day 2 - 7:52

We are all up, washed and dressed and have just eaten breakfast. Remarkably, we've been very efficient packing up our things so the only thing left to do is make our packed lunch before we head off to Blackgang Chine.


Day 2 - 10:34

We have had our snack and now off for adventures at Blackgang Chine.


Day 2 - 14:07

We are on our way to the ferry. For some strange reason, there doesn't seem to be much noise from the back of the minibus.


Day 2 - 14:35

We are waiting to board the ferry, so this is our final update.


Thank you to all of the children for being amazing - we have had an outstanding few days!