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The South Downs National Park visits Year 5/6!

This morning, Years 5 and 6 had a visit from Jonathan and Amanda, two representatives from the South Downs National Park, as part of our 'Precious Places' topic. 


They started by sharing lots of facts about the national park and we even played some memory games. Both Jonathan and Amanda were very impressed with the amount of knowledge we already had! 


We then split up into groups and each group took on the persona of a group of people that use the national park, including residents, businesses, farmers and conservationists. Our challenge was to consider, in role, what our organisations wanted to get out of being in a national park. We then needed to consider proposals from a number of people, such as the introduction of 50 social events a year, and argue whether they were beneficial to our organisation or a hindrance. One very popular opinion is that the residents of the nation park may suffer due to the high footfall of tourists, but this was challenged by some who thought the footfall would be beneficial to business owners, most of whom were likely to be residents. 


When each of our organisations had argued their point, we all joined back together to hold a big debate - who was most and least benefiting from life in a national park? We worked together to built some fantastic, challenging arguments...and have even discovered some new places in the South Downs that we may like to visit!