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Sphinx at Minstead

We had a really fun time at Minstead. The activities were brilliant and outstanding.


We had animal names that were in Latin. These were written on our badges. There were 8 beads for different things we had to collect: purple for biodiversity, yellow for energy, green for food and farming, red for reuse, reduce and recycle, white for rich world/ poor world, blue for water, black for transport and we had a very special gold bead for teamwork. We had to get 10/10 for our rooms and going to sleep on time to earn this.


On our first day we went for a long walk and buried each other in leaves. On the second day we learned all about the sheep and the chickens. We also were muck movers - we had four different piles of compost we had to move including horse poo!


We had a bonfire and we lit lanterns we had made. Each night we were read a story by Mr Platt and had a hot chocolate and a biscuit.


The food was delicious and the dormitories were snug.

We had a party and Poppy sang 'Let it go' to us all. 


On the last day we did this massive treasure hunt. Mr Platt lit a fire in the roundhouse, where we had our lunch.


We said our goodbyes and went back to school. 


We had a magical, exciting and amazing time.


Thank you to our adult helpers- Mrs Greenwood, Mrs Rowe and Mrs Mason.


Sphinx Class

(written by Adam, Tristan and Ollie)