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Meet the Governors

The Governing Body is made up of 13 governors and 1 associate member and we meet 6 times a year. The work is extremely varied and involves making decisions, planning and contributing to the school improvement process, evaluating progress against plans and acting as a champion for the school in the local community.


In addition to the main governing body, there are separate committees with specific responsibilities for finance, curriculum matters, personnel, health and safety. The Governing Body is composed of 8 co-opted Governors, 2 parent Governors, 1 Local Authority Governor, one Staff Governor and the Headteacher. All committees meet once every half-term.


In addition to the different committees, there are FIVE different types of governor:

Parent Governors (2) – have at least one child at the school at the time they stand for election and are elected by other parents who also have children at the school.
Staff Governors (1) – represent the non-teaching staff and are elected by their fellow staff members.
Local Authority Governors (1) – appointed by the Local Authority
Co-opted Governors (8) – members of the local community who are invited to join the governing body by their fellow governors.


The Head teacher is also a members of the Governing Body.


Who are your School Governors?

Picture  Information


Mrs Frances Hardy  


picture of Mr Nick Cross

Mr Nick Cross

Co-opted governor
Chair of Governing Body
DSL (designated Safeguarding Lead)

picture of Mr Chris Westall

Mr Chris Westall

Co-opted Governor
Vice Chair of the Governing Body
Chair of Resources Committee and HT Performance Management.

picture of Mrs Jane Roots

Mrs Jane Roots

Local Authority Governor.
Member of Curriculum Committee and HT Performance Management.
Governor Training Liaison and Forum Representative

picture of Mr Don Fielder

Mr Don Fielder

Co-opted Governor
Chair of Health and Safety Sub-committee and member of Resources Committee

Mr Richard McFahn

Co-opted Governor
Chair of Curriculum Committee

picture of Mrs Angela Kirby

Mrs Angela Kirby

Co-opted Governor
Member of Curriculum Committee

picture of Jon Chalke

Mr Jon Chalke

Staff Governor
Member of Resources Committee

Mr Jason Cannons

Staff Governor

Member of Curriculum Committee

Mrs Linda Sims

Community Governor

Member of Curriculum Committee

picture of Dr Mark Kelsey

Dr Mark Kelsey

Co-opted Governor
Member of Health & Safety Sub-committee
Safeguarding, Special Educational Needs and Pupil Premium Govenor

Mrs Justine Woolley

Clerk to Governing Body.